Marketing360 Hosting is more than just storage for the files and database that power your website. We've taken many of the headaches often associated with traditional hosting and created an intuitive, powerful platform for hosting and managing your site!

Containerized Hosting

Many website hosts use virtual private servers, or VPS. This means that many websites are hosted 'side-by-side' on the same server. This is often more cost-efficient than setting up dedicated servers. However, because each server shares the physical hardware with other VPSs, overall performance can suffer based on the workload caused by just one site.

In short, this means that if a single site hosted on a VPS has serious issues or is attacked by bots, other sites can experience performance issues. For that reason, Marketing360 Hosting is 'containerized.' This means that each site is hosted in a separate container, and cannot be affected by attacks or issues on a neighboring site.

Staging Environment

To create a stage version of your website where you can safely make and test changes before publishing, you would typically need to create a sub-domain, duplicate the live site to the sub-domain, create a database and database user, then make the necessary changes.

Marketing360 Hosting automates that process for you! Every site on Marketing360 Hosting has a stage environment built-in so you can safely make updates to the stage version, then safely deploy them to your live site!

Click here to learn more about deploying updates using the Backup and Stage tools.

Backup Management

On many website hosts, creating backups of your website files and database can be a time consuming and technical task. Marketing360 Hosting has built-in tools to create backups. It also includes tools to deploy a backup to the live site should there ever be an issue.

Click here to learn more about backing up your website's files and database.

Click here to learn more about backing up your website's files and database.

Automatic TLS

Website security is a top priority on Marketing360 Hosting. The Settings page includes a simple tool to add a TLS certificate to your site. What's TLS you ask? TLS (Transport Layer Security) is just an updated, more secure, version of SSL.

Click here to learn more about adding a security certificate to your website.

This certificate encrypts all data sent to and from your website. If you're still curious about TLS, check out this fun infographic from How HTTPS Works: Differences between HTTPS, SSL, and TLS