This is only to be used for businesses that are having difficulty pulling reviews after they have followed the normal procedures of getting their business name and address consistent across review sites.

What is a secondary review query?

A secondary review query is a way to organically connect the Top Rated Local® profile with the correct review sources. For example, you can use a secondary query to find review sources that do not typically show up in the first few search results pages. It can also be used to connect to sources like Google and Facebook when the direct connect feature is disabled.

The purpose is to use a search term or phrase that generates the results with the sources you want to connect to the TRL profile.


  1. Find the Secondary Query option under "Rating Sources"  and then the "Blocked & Potential" tab.

  2. Google the business name followed by the word "reviews" and the name of the review source they're having issues connecting. Typically your query will follow these parameters: "BUSINESS_NAME reviews CITY_NAME STATE_ABBREVIATION SOURCE_NAME"
    1. Example: "gateway place apartments Greeley co google maps"

  3. Try omitting street addresses and/or the name of a city to see if results improve. You are looking for the source in question to populate with the correct business and have the reviews/stars underneath it.
    1. Example: gateway place apartments facebook

  4. If everything is working, Paste that search string into the input and submit it.

  5. When the page reloads, click "Fetch New Rating Score" above