Add Marketing 360® Hosting product to a client's MadOffice account.

Completed By

Project Manager

Time Needed:

10 minutes or less


To get a client started with a new Marketing 360® Hosting account:

1. Submit a Billing Change Form to the Billing team requesting a new Marketing 360® Hosting product.

2. Once the hosting product has been added, submit an IT Ticket with the details listed below.


Create new M360 hosting for [Client Number - Client Name]


Hosting and Other


Site Name:

Include the domain to use for previewing the site. Sites are hosted on URLs like sitename.m360.site. 

Type of Website:

Current options:

  • WordPress
  • Woo360

When the product has been added and the IT Team resolves the ticket, they will respond letting you know that the site has been created. This response will also include the database user and password and the site's database credentials in a secured MadPush link.

The client's MadOffice account will show a new available site in Billing > Hosting that's labeled Marketing360. You can login to the Hosting dashboard by clicking the Manage Site button. 

Next Steps:

Assign a WOO360 DEV SETUP to-do to a developer to begin setting up the site.