Upload WordPress or Woo360 files and begin site build.

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Time Needed:

30 minutes to 1 hour


Step 1: Login to the Marketing360 Hosting dashboard.

1. Navigate to the client's Mad Office account and open the Billing tab, then click the Hosting tab below that. This will display all hosting products associated to the client. (highlighted in red below)

2. Find the appropriate site that displays Marketing 360 in the Host: column and click the arrow to the right to view the site controls. 

3. Click Manage Site to login to the site's hosting dashboard.

Step 2: Upload and extract site files

1. From the hosting dashboard page, click Files from the left side of the page to view the File Manager

2. Head on over t WordPress.org to download the latest version of the WordPress core.

3. Drag-n-drop the WordPress core files to upload them to the site.

4. Extract the files by right-clicking on the zip file, then selecting Extract. The files will unpack into a directory titled Wordpress.

5. Open that directory, highlight the files, and move them to the root of the site to continue. You can use the Move Files button at the bottom fo the screen or the F6 keyboard shortcut.

6. Delete the now empty Wordpress directory from your files by right-clicking on the directory and selecting delete or the F8 keyboard shortcut.

Step 3: Install WordPress and configure the database.

1. Back on the Marketing 360® Hosting dashboard, click the menu next to Viewing Live Site and click View Stage to switch over to the stage version of the site where we'll upload the core files.

2. Once you're viewing the stage version, visit the admin URL for your site in a new browser tab.

For example: If your site uses your-site-here as the site name like the example above, visit your-site-here.m360.site/wp-admin/

3. Select a default language to use on the site's dashboard and click Continue.

4. The next screen will describe the next part of the installation process. Once you've read through it, click Let's go! to proceed.

5. Reference the information sent in the WOO360 DEV SETUP to do and enter the database connection details, then click Submit.

Database name

This will be the name of the site that was created. For example, if your new site uses your-site-here.m360.site, the database name will be your-site-here.  If a name cannot be created from the default site name, a specific name will be included in the WOO360 DEV SETUP to do.


Included in WOO360 DEV SETUP to do


Included in WOO360 DEV SETUP to do

Database Host


Table Prefix


6. On the next screen, click Run the installation to move on to configuring the site.

7. On the WordPress Welcome screen, enter the following:

Site Title

Enter a title for the site


The username entered here will be used for you to access the site dashboard.


The password entered here will be used for you to access the site dashboard with the username from the prior step.

Your Email

Enter your email address to be associated with your user account on the site.

Search Engine Visibility

Select the option to Discourage search engines from indexing this site to keep search engines from indexing the site before it launches on a live domain.

8. Double-check that all fields are correct. When you're through, click Install WordPress!

9. The following screen will display the username you entered. Click log in to the dashboard.

You've now fully uploaded and installed the latest version of WordPress on the site.

Next Steps:

If you'd like to proceed with a standard WordPress site:

Now it's time to move on to building the look & feel and building out the site!

If you're installing Woo360:

From Marketing 360® Hosting:

1. Set the site to Stage.

2. Navigate to the Files tool and upload the All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension plugin. This file can be downloaded from M:\Employees\MattH\Plugins\

From the WordPress dashboard:
3. Login and navigate to the plugins screen and activate the All-in-One WP Migration and All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension plugins.

4. Update all active plugins on the site by clicking the Plugins tab, then viewing all plugins marked Update Available. From here, you can select all, then select the option for Upgrade.

5. Once all plugins are updated, click All-in-One WP Migration > Import the woo360.wpress also found here : M:\Employees\MattH\Plugins\

6. When the upload finishes, you'll see a prompt that notifies you of the following:

The import process will overwrite your website including the database, media, plugins, and themes. Please ensure that you have a backup of your data before proceeding to the next step.

Click Proceed to continue on.

7. When the next part of the upload process is complete, you'll see a prompt that lets you know:

Your site has been imported successfully!
From here, click the link to save the permalink structure.

8. At this point, you'll need to re-login using the following credentials:





9. Once you're logged in successfully, save the permalinks by navigating to Settings > Permalinks, (you should be redirected here automatically) then simply click Save at the bottom of the page.