Adding IDXBroker functionality to a Woo360 site is very straight-forward. To learn more about adding IDXBroker to a Woo360 site, click here to check out this help article.

The end result of that process is a customized sub-domain of the Woo360 site that displays all IDX-related pages. For example, if the Woo360 site is built on, the IDX sub-domain would be something like The name of the sub-domain can be customized, and is up to the client. 

On any Woo360 site that includes IDXBroker, whenever you update any content or layout on Woo360, you must also clear the cache on the IDXBroker dashboard.

But why, you ask? Cache.

Each time a new update is made on Woo360, you have to notify IDXBroker so the updates can be included in the IDXBroker links. The full process is detailed below.

  1. Log-in to both the Woo360 site and the IDXBroker dashboard.
  2. Make changes to any necessary Woo360 page or layout.
  3. On the IDXBroker dashboard, navigate to the Wrappers Management page by clicking Design > Website > Wrappers in the left column navigation, then click Clear Wrapper Cache near the top right corner of the page. 

Each time you make an update to the Woo360 site, be sure to clear the IDXBroker cache In the IDXBroker wrapper settings, there is a green button in the top right corner of the page. To see an example, watch the video below for a quick demo.