It's important to associate your website in MadOffice for many reasons: 

  • tracking billing products/usage
  • ensuring our golive builds don't expire (associating sets the site to a "Paid" status)
  • allows all teammates to easily access a client's website

Here are the steps for associating your Websites 360 site in MadOffice.

1.) Make sure there is a Websites 360 hosting product associated with the account. 

If not - submit a sales form to request it: 

2.) Once the hosting product has been added (you'll receive an email once this is complete), your products tab will look something like this: 

3.) Head on over to Billing > Hosting > Add Existing Hosting

4.) Fill out the fields as shown using the dropdowns given:

5.) Head on over to Websites 360 to grab the Site ID:

  • Head to the Websites 360 Marketing Org and search for the site
  • Hover over the site name and a small, black window will pop up
  • Copy the site ID as shown below
  • Head back to MadOffice and enter in the Site ID where prompted

6.) That's the last piece of the puzzle. Click "Next Step" and then "Create". If you see a green bar that says "Site added to M#####" then congratulations! You now have an associated site!

Note: Sometimes you'll get an error (red bar) that prompts you to "wait 10 minutes and try again". Give it a few, hit "Create" again. If it still errors out - come back 10+ minutes later, re-enter the information and try again. If issues persist after one day, submit an IT ticket.